Toyochem Introduces Flexible, Lightweight EMI Shielding Film for Electronics

Toyochem, the polymers and coatings segment of the Toyo Ink Group, unveiled the Liotelan series, a breakthrough in flexible conductive and insulating sheet films for the protection of electronic equipment. The announcement came on June 9, heralding a new era for electronic device designers, allowing them to create smaller and lighter devices without sacrificing shielding effectiveness. Traditionally, metals have been […]

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NEC Develops World’s First High-Sensitivity Uncooled Infrared Image Sensor Using Carbon Nanotubes

NEC Corporation has announced the development of the world’s first high-sensitivity uncooled infrared image sensor using high-purity semiconducting carbon nanotubes (CNTs). The groundbreaking technology is expected to have practical applications by 2025. Infrared image sensors detect infrared rays emitted by people and objects, even in the dark. This makes them essential for various applications, including night vision for vehicles, aircraft […]

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Fujitsu Ramps up Digital Transformation With AI Demand Forecast Service

Fujitsu and Toridoll said that the deployment of Fujitsu’s AI demand forecast service at 823 Marugame Udon noodle shops in Japan, operated by Toridoll. The service will enable Toridoll to accurately forecast the customer numbers and sales by day and time for each shop, based on weather data and POS data held by Toridoll. Fujitsu will help digitally transform operations […]

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