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Japan Rubber Weekly Premiers English Online Edition

TokyoJapan Rubber Weekly (Gomu Hochi Shimbun) is launching an online edition in English today. This is the first time that a newspaper covering the Japanese rubber, tire and plastics industries makes its service available to international readers.

“Today marks a new chapter in our history. Globalization makes the world a smaller place. Local audiences become global audiences. We have served our industries locally for over 50 years. To continue serving them well, we believe now is the right time to start bringing our news to readers outside of Japan, too,” says Kunio Akiyama, president of Japan Rubber Weekly’s publisher Posty Corporation.

Japan Rubber Weekly is a Japanese-language industry trade newspaper covering the Japanese rubber, tire and plastics industries. Many manufacturers belonging to these industries are global players that hold leading positions in product innovation and quality. With a circulation of around 25,000 printed newspapers every week since 1961, Japan Rubber Weekly is a reputed provider of information to these industries.

The English-language edition of Japan Rubber Weekly can be accessed online at https://www.japanrubberweekly.com. News are updated with 2-4 articles every Japanese business day. They feature a selection from Posty Corporation’s publications, including:

  • Japan Rubber Weekly
  • Japan Rubber and Elastomers
  • Japan Rubber Yearbook
  • Industrial Rubber Goods Handbook
  • Statistical Handbook of Japanese Industrial Rubber Products

At launch, single subscriptions are priced at USD 35 per month for the “Best Value” annual plan and USD 49 per month for the “Flexibility” monthly plan. Subscriptions for more than five people qualify for group discounts.

Japan Rubber Weekly is the first newspaper publishing an English online edition through partnering with Japan Industry News. “There are over 100 very professional industrial trade newspapers publishing only in Japanese. And there are specific reasons why it is difficult for them to publish in English on their own. We have developed a service that helps them go global,” says Ulf Dressler, CEO of Japan Industry News’ operator Bonuterra Inc. For more information regarding Japan Industry News refer to https://www.japanindustrynews.com.

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