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Service in Japan

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Dr. Reinhold O. Stapf

Dr. Reinhold O. Stapf

Japan is famous for its great service in shops and restaurants. But in B2B it is much more complex. Efficient service operations can save money, increase profitability, and help to drive sales the same time. And like any country, Japan has its quirks.

Dr. Reinhold O. Stapf is an international business executive experienced in operational improvements in Japan, Europe, other Asian countries and the Middle East.

As founder and president of the service institute japan k.k., he focuses on assisting companies in Japan, other Asian countries, and Europe to strengthen their service operations, enhance processes also in departments others than service departments and to implement IT systems in general.

Dr. Stapf speaks German, English and Japanese. He has engineering, physics, and mathematics degrees from universities in Germany and Japan and obtained his doctorate in engineering at Osaka University.

Building on his expertise, he will give insights how to be successful in this demanding market.

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