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  • Sumitomo Rubber Set to Launch New Dump Truck Tire With High Uneven Wear Resistance Jan. 31, 2023
    Sumitomo Rubber is planning a rollout starting March 1 for the Dunlop SP541, a new rib–lug tire that offers significant improvements to uneven wear resistance and lifespan. The product is intended for use on large dump trucks that drive mainly on paved roads, and will be available in a total of seven sizes. By deftly […]
  • Survey: Japanese Rubber and Plastic Product Makers Business Outlook 2023 Jan. 30, 2023
    In December 2022, Japan Rubber Weekly conducted a survey of the rubber and plastic products manufacturing industry regarding business conditions and outlook in fiscal 2023. According to the survey results, business confidence is on a recovery trend and is expected to remain so in the future. Although sales are increasing due to demand recovery, ordinary […]
  • Toyo Tires Lauded as Good Business to Partner With as Part of Industry Awards Jan. 27, 2023
    Toyo Tires has been selected as a “good business to partner with” as part of the second Car–Society Partnership Awards, which are run annually by the Automobile Business Association of Japan. The company was chosen following an evaluation of its project to convey gratitude to everyone involved in truck logistics, as well as its commercialization […]
  • JRMA Sees Japanese New Rubber Consumption up 3.8% in 2023 Jan. 27, 2023
    The Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association (JRMA) has released its estimate for new rubber consumption in 2022 and its forecast for 2023. According to the report, in 2022, both Japanese domestic shipments and exports of mainstay automotive tires exceeded the previous year’s levels on a unit basis, but on a rubber volume basis, they were slightly […]
  • Toyoda Gosei and Asics Launch Sustainable Sneakers Jan. 26, 2023
    Toyoda Gosei, a member of the Toyota Group, and Asics, a major sports equipment manufacturer, have launched a line of sustainable sneakers using scrap materials from airbag fabrics, which will be available from Jan. 26 at Asics’s online store and other retailers. Toyoda Gosei has been transforming difficult-to-recycle scraps of airbag fabric and genuine leather […]
  • Kuraray to Raise Prices of Genestar Heat-Resistant Polyamide Resin Jan. 25, 2023
    Kuraray said on Jan. 16 that it will on Feb. 1 raise the price of its Genestar heat-resistant polyamide resin for shipments in Japan and overseas. The range of the price increase is as follows: Filler-reinforced grades: 60 yen per kilogram for Japanese domestic shipments, $0.50 per kilogram for overseas shipments Glass fiber-reinforced halogen flame-resistant […]
  • Bridgestone to Hike Commercial Tire Prices in Japan, Third Increase Since 2022 Jan. 25, 2023
    Bridgestone announced on Jan. 20 that it will raise the manufacturer ex-shipment prices of tires for Japanese commercial use of summer tires and winter tires on April 1 and July 1, respectively. This will be the third price increase for Japanese after-market tires since 2022. The price increases will apply to commercial summer and winter […]
  • Sumitomo Rubber Supplies All-Season Falken Tire as OE for New Subaru Crosstrek Jan. 24, 2023
    Sumitomo Rubber has begun supplying its Falken Ziex ZE001 A/S tire as OE for the new Subaru Crosstrek, which officially began taking orders last December. The new Subaru Crosstrek was designed to be a good fit for a wide range of activities, from cities to more rugged terrain. It is targeted at consumers who want […]
  • Yokohama Rubber to Launch Campervan Tire Jan. 24, 2023
    Yokohama Rubber will in March launch in Japan the BluEarth-Camper, the company’s first campervan tire, offering both high durability and handling stability under heavy loads. The product will be available in five sizes, including the 215/70R15 CP 109/107R, which conforms to the CP standard, a tire standard specifically designed for camper cars. The tire was […]
  • Continental Tire Japan to Launch All-Season Tire with Enhanced Safety Performance Jan. 23, 2023
    Continental Tire Japan will in February begin selling the AllSeasonContact all-season tire through all sales channels that carry Continental tires. Sales will continue to expand to 26 sizes ranging from 14 to 19 inches. The AllSeasonContact is an all-season tire developed with the goal of ensuring a higher level of safety by responding to temperature […]

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IoT - Ind40 - Smart Factory Connected Industries – Japan’s approach to Industry 4.0 on the way to Society 5.0 - Industry 4.0 was first introduced in Germany. The term comes from the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and refers to the digitalization of production. In the last editorials we described how Japan then introduced the idea of Society 5.0, which looks at digitalization from a societal viewpoint aiming at the Super Smart Society. Information Technology (IT), especially Artificial Intelligence, will change many […]
EU-Japan FTA - Abe, Tusk, Juncker EU and Japan Sign Breakthrough Free Trade Agreement - In a boost for global free trade, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and EU Presidents Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk yesterday signed the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) to lay the ground work for the creation of an open trade zone covering over 600 million people. Also known as JEFTA, the deal has been long in the making, but was […]
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) METI Releases White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2018 - The global economy is facing significant shifts, according to the 2018 White Paper on International Economy and Trade released recently by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). These shifts include movements against the free trade system under the WTO, advancement of digital transformation including expanding digital trade, and the rise of China and other emerging and developing economies. […]
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