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  • Yokohama Rubber’s Advan dB V552 Installed on Honda’s New SUV Nov. 28, 2022
    Yokohama Rubber has begun deliveries of its Advan dB V552 as original equipment (OE) tire for use on Honda’s new SUV ZR-V, which will be released in Japan and overseas. The tire size is 225/55R18 98H. The Advan dB V552 is a premium comfort tire developed based on the concept of unprecedented quietness that changes […]
  • Bridgestone to Increase Passenger Car and Light Truck Tire Production Capacity at San José Plant Nov. 28, 2022
    Bridgestone Americas has announced the expansion of its San José plant in Costa Rica, aiming to increase production capacity for passenger car and light truck tires. The investment decision is worth $250 million and will increase the plant’s production capacity by 2026 by 36 percent, from 11,000 tires to 15,000 tires per day, while creating […]
  • Achilles Reports 12% Sales Growth in First Half Nov. 25, 2022
    Achilles reported financial results for the first half (April – September) of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023, with net sales of 40.8 billion yen ($292.85 million), up 12.0 percent year-on-year; an operating loss of 102 million yen (a profit of 608 million yen in the previous year); ordinary income of 489 million yen, […]
  • Sumitomo Rubber President Participates in the Association of Male Leaders to Accelerate the Advancement of Shining Women Nov. 24, 2022
    Sumitomo Rubber President Satoru Yamamoto participated in the Association of Male Leaders to Accelerate the Advancement of Shining Women (Secretariat: Cabinet Office). While deepening his network with male leaders from various industries across Japan, he will accelerate the company’s efforts to promote gender equality and women’s activities. The Men’s Leaders’ Group is a gathering of […]
  • Sumitomo Rubber Receives Gold Award in Pride Index 2022 for LGBTQ+ Initiatives Nov. 24, 2022
    Sumitomo Rubber  has received the Gold award in the Pride Index 2022, an evaluation index for LGBTQ+ and other sexual minority initiatives at companies and organizations. In order to embody “Our Philosophy,” the company has positioned diversity and inclusion (D&I) as a priority management issue. It has implemented a number of measures to realize a […]
  • Mitsui Chemicals Opens Digital Science Lab Nov. 22, 2022
    Mitsui Chemicals will open in its Sodegaura Center a new research building – named the Digital Science Lab –  to accelerate R&D digital transformation (DX) based on digital science that integrates computational science, data science and high-performance computing. The investment will be approximately 5 billion yen ($35.35 million), with construction scheduled to begin in June […]
  • Sumitomo Rubber and NEC Successfully Convert Expert Designer Know-How in Tire Development into AI – Part 2 Nov. 22, 2022
    This article follows part 1 published yesterday.  In sensory evaluation in tire development, onomatopoeia was sometimes used for qualitative evaluation by test drivers in search of the ultimate perfection, and the same phenomenon was sometimes expressed differently by different drivers. In addition, experience and know-how were required to decipher sensory evaluations, and the know-how to […]
  • Sumitomo Rubber and NEC Successfully Convert Expert Designer Know-How in Tire Development into AI – Part 1 Nov. 21, 2022
    Sumitomo Rubber and NEC have collaborated to successfully develop AI of the know-how of masters (skilled designers) in tire development. The interpretation of sensory evaluation is based on communication between skilled designers and test drivers, an area that has been extremely difficult to systematize. This time, skilled designers from Sumitomo Rubber and data scientists from […]
  • Asahi Kasei Begins Sales of Sustainable SSBR and BR Nov. 18, 2022
    Asahi Kasei has begun in November selling solution-polymerized styrene-butadiene rubber (SSBR) and butadiene rubber (BR) using the mass balance method. In October, the company’s Synthetic Rubber Division obtained ISCC PLUS certification. Asahi Kasei Synthetic Rubber Singapore has already obtained this certification, and together with the synthetic rubber plant at the Kawasaki Plant, the company has […]
  • Japan Michelin Tire Signs Exclusive Supplier Contract for JAL’s New Aircraft Nov. 18, 2022
    Michelin Japan has been selected as the exclusive tire supplier for five years for the new Airbus A350-1000 airliner to be introduced by Japan Airlines (JAL) from fiscal 2023. This is the first time that Michelin has signed a contract as the exclusive tire supplier to JAL. All A350-1000 aircraft, which are JAL’s mainstay international […]

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IoT - Ind40 - Smart Factory Connected Industries – Japan’s approach to Industry 4.0 on the way to Society 5.0 - Industry 4.0 was first introduced in Germany. The term comes from the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and refers to the digitalization of production. In the last editorials we described how Japan then introduced the idea of Society 5.0, which looks at digitalization from a societal viewpoint aiming at the Super Smart Society. Information Technology (IT), especially Artificial Intelligence, will change many […]
EU-Japan FTA - Abe, Tusk, Juncker EU and Japan Sign Breakthrough Free Trade Agreement - In a boost for global free trade, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and EU Presidents Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk yesterday signed the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) to lay the ground work for the creation of an open trade zone covering over 600 million people. Also known as JEFTA, the deal has been long in the making, but was […]
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) METI Releases White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2018 - The global economy is facing significant shifts, according to the 2018 White Paper on International Economy and Trade released recently by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). These shifts include movements against the free trade system under the WTO, advancement of digital transformation including expanding digital trade, and the rise of China and other emerging and developing economies. […]
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