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Fujitsu Tests AI Customer Service Solution in Japanese Supermarket

Fujitsu has begun testing an innovative AI module in a Japanese supermarket that generates AI avatars and tailors promotional content based on consumer behavior. The field trial, run in collaboration with the Retail AI Institute, is taking place from August 3 to October 15 at Aruk Mitajiri stores operated by supermarket chain Marukyu in Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.

This AI solution leverages generative AI and Fujitsu’s human sensing technology, which creates a more personalized shopping experience. The technology assists retailers in enhancing their sales targeting with dynamic and engaging promotions that respond to customer interest signals. Customized avatars and product information are created while preserving customer privacy. Fujitsu intends to release this solution during fiscal 2023 as a part of its AI platform “Fujitsu Kozuchi,” which expedites the testing and deployment of AI technologies for businesses.

In the current retail landscape, where consumers are increasingly selective, retailers are pressured to evolve beyond traditional marketing strategies. The need for consumer-friendly, engaging experiences has never been greater. Recent technological advancements now allow in-store behavior and shopping habits of customers to be analyzed using camera-based technology. However, the cost and labor needed to promptly produce customer service and promotional content continue to be a hurdle in marketing measures.

Fujitsu’s new AI module addresses these challenges by enhancing the customer experience through content creation capabilities and its “Actlyzer” technology. The Actlyzer technology can analyze customer gestures and movements based on camera data. During its development, Fujitsu incorporated the marketing expertise of a research group led by Naoto Onzo, Director of the Institute of Marketing and Communication at Waseda University in Japan.

The AI module can adapt promotional content to each customer’s behavior, analyzing cues such as bending towards a shop display or picking up a product. It then provides content that best suits the individual’s interests, making for a highly engaging and personalized shopping experience.

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