Toyochem Introduces Flexible, Lightweight EMI Shielding Film for Electronics

Toyochem, the polymers and coatings segment of the Toyo Ink Group, unveiled the Liotelan series, a breakthrough in flexible conductive and insulating sheet films for the protection of electronic equipment. The announcement came on June 9, heralding a new era for electronic device designers, allowing them to create smaller and lighter devices without sacrificing shielding effectiveness.

Traditionally, metals have been favored for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding due to their efficacy. However, Toyochem engineers, using their unique functional filler dispersion technology, have developed a highly conductive filler to enhance EMI shielding performance, replacing the conventional metal shields.

The result is the highly flexible Liotelan shielding films, exhibiting a high elongation of 500 percent and significant water-resistance. The film can be hot-press molded directly onto the EMI noise source on the printed circuit board (PCB), replacing bulky metal shielding cans with lightweight multi-layer shields.

“A conductive layer is formed over an insulating sheet layer, which is hot-press molded directly over the electronic components,” said Hidenobu Kobayashi, technical manager at Toyochem. “With Liotelan shielding films, engineers can rapidly create lightweight, durable, and effective EMI shields, negating the need for soldering or a bulky can cover.”

The flexible and water-resistant Liotelan films are ideal for wearable devices, wireless communications, and other smart devices, enabling the production of high flexibility, conductivity, and insulation properties necessary for next-generation PCBs.

The demand for lighter, more durable, and flexible materials is increasing in the world of electronics. Toyochem’s new Liotelan line of EMI shielding sheet films is expected to play a significant role in advancing the trend toward replacing metals with polymer composites.

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