Work Life Balance in Japan - Family

Work-Life Balance in Japan

When candidates tell you that they do not want to work overtime, or do not intend to commute to the working place for more than 40 minutes on one way, then one shall assume that the “work-life balance discussion” has also reached Japan. The general understanding is that the term means to find a suitable balance between a person’s professional […]

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The Japanese Candidate - Lady

The Japanese Candidate

“We have difficulties in finding the right people,” or “there are not enough suitable candidates available in Japan” are only two sentences I am hearing too often. Domestic hiring is without a doubt a question of supply and demand, and method. But there are other factors, too. Before tackling the topic, let me throw in some general information and statistics. […]

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What Shadow Hierarchies Mean for Foreign Companies and Expatriates in Japan

This phenomenon exists not only since 2011, when many foreign expatriates in Japan have left the country all of sudden because of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Yes, the event caused a leadership vacuum in some organizations many did not recover from until today. But its origins nevertheless are older and also truly local due to the group-oriented socialization of […]

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Methods of Hiring Mid Careers in Japan: The Basics

As one result of a globalized economy and a declining population the “war for talents” has reached Japan. The first generation of baby-boomers also is going into retirement and the rate of unemployment, 3.6% as of January 2015, is shrinking. Together this leads to a shortage of manpower. A low birth rate and an over-aged society will play its part […]

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