NEC Develops World’s First High-Sensitivity Uncooled Infrared Image Sensor Using Carbon Nanotubes

NEC Corporation has announced the development of the world’s first high-sensitivity uncooled infrared image sensor using high-purity semiconducting carbon nanotubes (CNTs). The groundbreaking technology is expected to have practical applications by 2025. Infrared image sensors detect infrared rays emitted by people and objects, even in the dark. This makes them essential for various applications, including night vision for vehicles, aircraft […]

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NTT and NEC Partner Up to Promote Decarbonization

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) and NEC Corporation have joined forces to reduce the environmental impact of their businesses and promote a decarbonized society. The companies have signed a basic agreement and started collaborating on various initiatives to achieve their goals. Under the agreement, NTT Anode Energy will provide 100% renewable energy to NEC Platforms’ Fukushima Plant, which produces […]

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Asahi Kasei and NEC Join Forces on Secure Data Collaboration Between Companies

Asahi Kasei and NEC have established an analysis platform that allows secure collaboration with data kept confidential during joint development among companies by utilizing secure computation technology. With this platform, Asahi Kasei will be able to securely share data among companies such as raw material suppliers, processers, and parts manufacturers in product development in the field of materials, where confidential […]

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