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Japan Chemical Daily News in English

The Chemical Daily Launches English News Service

The Chemical Daily (Kagaku Kogyo Nippo), Japan’s leading newspaper covering the chemical and allied industries, is launching an English-language website today. The company aims to provide global readers with information so far not accessible to non-Japanese speakers. The news site is online at “Japan’s chemical industry is the third largest in the world. Yet we often hear from international […]

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The Chemical Daily newspaper

The Chemical Daily Partners With Japan Industry News

We are proud to announce that The Chemical Daily has decided to join the Japan Industry News Network as our second newspaper partner. Together we will now work as quickly as possible to launch the English news site. Our goal is to bring you information that is currently not available to a global audience. The chemical industry is Japan’s second […]

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Mount Fuji and Chemical Factory

The Japanese Chemical Industry

The Japanese chemical industry is the country’s second largest manufacturing industry behind transportation machinery. In its broader definition, which also includes plastic and rubber products, it made up over 14 percent of all output value in Japanese manufacturing. With around 860,000 people, it employs around 12 percent of Japan’s manufacturing-related workforce. Transportation machinery includes Japan’s most notable industry, automotive, which […]

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