About Japan

About Japan

Japanese National Diet

The Japanese Political System

The Japanese political system is based on Japan’s constitution, which was drafted after the end of World War II. Enacted on May 3, 1947, it firmly established a democracy in form of a constitutional monarchy, which, similar to the U.K., maintained its long-standing imperial family as the honorary figurehead of the country. From this point forward, governmental power has been […]

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Japanese Machinery Industry - Fanuc FIELD

The Japanese Machinery Industry

The industrial machinery market is constantly growing. Between 2000 and 2014, global production value of machine tools more than doubled from under $40 billion to over $80 billion. And the market is becoming more and more international. As in other industries, Asia has become one of the most important markets worldwide. With China, Japan and South Korea beside Germany and […]

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Tokyo Motor Show 2017

The Japanese Automotive Industry

Updated Dec. 19, 2017. Japan has been one of the world’s Top 3 car producing countries since the 1960’s, securing its status as a world leader in automotive manufacturing and technology. Some of its most well known global brands belong to the automotive industry. People all around the world are familiar with Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Daihatsu, Fuso, Hino, […]

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Bridgestone Tire at Tokyo Motor Show

The Japanese Rubber Industry

Japan has one of the most important rubber industries in the world. The figures alone are notable. With almost 1.67 million tons per year, it is the third largest consumer of the versatile material worldwide behind China and the United States. And in terms of production, the country’s total value of rubber goods shipment stood at around $20 billion (2.35 […]

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Japanese Candidate - Subway

Japan Tops Country Brand Survey

Japan topped the latest Country Brand Index survey by FutureBrand, a leading brand consultancy. The country set a new benchmark in brand strength. This was the first time that Japan took the No. 1 spot. Japan’s strong showing is just one more sign that the country has one of the most important and attractive economies in the world. And that […]

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Mount Fuji and Chemical Factory

The Japanese Chemical Industry

The Japanese chemical industry is the country’s second largest manufacturing industry behind transportation machinery. In its broader definition, which also includes plastic and rubber products, it made up over 14 percent of all output value in Japanese manufacturing. With around 860,000 people, it employs around 12 percent of Japan’s manufacturing-related workforce. Transportation machinery includes Japan’s most notable industry, automotive, which […]

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