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Komatsu and Toyota to Develop Autonomous Light Vehicle for Mining Operations

Komatsu and Toyota have announced a joint venture to create an Autonomous Light Vehicle (ALV) that will integrate with Komatsu’s Autonomous Haulage System (AHS). The project aims to bolster safety and increase productivity in mining operations through advanced autonomous technologies.

The ALV is currently undergoing testing at the companies’ proving grounds, and the partnership plans to have a proof of concept in place at a customer site by January 2024.

Minerals and energy resources play a crucial role in various industries, including our day-to-day lives. The advent of autonomous technologies offers an opportunity to enhance safety in these sectors, notably mining. By removing people from potentially dangerous situations, and addressing the persistent challenge of labor shortages, autonomous vehicles can enable a more seamless, safer operation.

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Since its introduction of the world’s first commercial application of an AHS in 2008, Komatsu has demonstrated its systems’ capabilities in various mining environments. This track record has led to a strong reputation for safety and productivity.

Currently, when AHS-enabled autonomous haul trucks and manually-operated light vehicles used for maintenance or transport are operating simultaneously, the autonomous trucks often reduce their speed or halt altogether to avoid potential collisions. This measure, while safety-critical, presents an ongoing challenge to operational efficiency.

Customer demand for improved productivity in mining operations has highlighted the need for further efficiency in autonomous haul truck operations. To address this, Komatsu and Toyota have embarked on this joint venture to expedite the integration of autonomy into mining operations.

Komatsu will develop a new management program for the ALVs, which will be integrated into its AHS supervisory system. Toyota, on the other hand, will focus on developing ALVs that can operate autonomously under the AHS’s control.

This collaboration promises to bring a new level of efficiency, safety, and autonomy to mining operations, showcasing the transformative potential of autonomous vehicle technology in industrial applications.

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