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Hitachi and Toshiba to Build Next-generation High Speed Trains for Taiwan

The Hitachi Toshiba Supreme Consortium (HTSC), consisting of Hitachi, Toshiba and Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions, has been awarded an order by the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation (THSRC) to manufacture 12 sets of next-generation high-speed trains. The contract, valued at around 124 billion yen ($900 million), will see the consortium deliver 144 train cars based on the advanced N700S model of Central Japan Railway Company, with deliveries beginning in 2026.

THSRC, which began operating high-speed trains on the Taipei to Kaohsiung route in 2007, has used the Japanese Shinkansen system since its inception. The addition of the new trains will significantly boost passenger service capacity.

The N700S-based trains will offer numerous advancements compared to the existing 700T model. Notably, the trains will be capable of reaching maximum speeds of 300km/h. The new model is both lighter and more aerodynamically efficient, leading to improved performance.

Moreover, HTSC will incorporate an energy-efficient, compact traction system into the train design. This will combine a silicon carbide (SiC) device with a blower-less cooling system to reduce energy consumption. In the event of a power outage, the train will be equipped with lithium-ion batteries, enabling it to operate at low speeds.

The high-speed rail service in Taiwan has become an integral part of the country’s transportation system. With the reliability, safety, and technological advancements of the Japanese Shinkansen models, an increasing number of commuters have come to depend on the service. The introduction of these new, environmentally-friendly rolling stocks is expected to persuade more passengers to opt for high-speed railway transportation.

The HTSC contract signifies the next stage of Taiwan’s commitment to enhancing its public transportation system. The introduction of these new, advanced train sets will provide an upgraded, efficient, and environmentally-friendly service for the growing number of passengers using Taiwan’s high-speed rail.

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