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Autonomous Cars Find Varied Global Acceptance: Asahi Kasei Survey

According to a recent global survey conducted by Japanese tech company Asahi Kasei, acceptance and usage of autonomous cars differ widely across the world’s four largest automotive markets: Germany, China, the USA, and Japan. The study was conducted in partnership with Skopos, a market research institute based in Cologne. The survey showed that despite an overall decline in brand loyalty, […]

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Asahi Kasei Acquires Renewable Energy Certification for Dinamica Plant

Asahi Kasei’s Nonwovens Plant in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, has in March obtained the first Certificate of Renewable Energy Use from the Powered by RE Certification Committee, using Hitachi’s Powered by RE system to track renewable energy usage. The certificate confirms that the production facility for Dinamica artificial suede is powered entirely by renewable energy. In pursuit of a sustainable society, companies […]

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Asahi Kasei and NEC Join Forces on Secure Data Collaboration Between Companies

Asahi Kasei and NEC have established an analysis platform that allows secure collaboration with data kept confidential during joint development among companies by utilizing secure computation technology. With this platform, Asahi Kasei will be able to securely share data among companies such as raw material suppliers, processers, and parts manufacturers in product development in the field of materials, where confidential […]

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