Spectee and NTT Business Solutions Launch New Disaster Prevention DX Service

Disaster prevention tech venture Spectee has announced a partnership with NTT Business Solutions to launch a new disaster prevention DX service, “Spectee Pro for elgana,” starting April 20, 2023. The service aims to enable quick and efficient information gathering and sharing during disasters by combining Spectee’s AI real-time crisis management service, “Spectee Pro,” with NTT Business Solutions’ business chat app, “elgana.”

The new service for local governments enhances information gathering efficiency, accuracy, and sharing capabilities by integrating Spectee Pro’s map and dashboard with images and text created using elgana. In addition, the chat function of elgana allows for information sharing in a closed environment. This system is expected to enable real-time collection and sharing of disaster information, leading to swift initial responses in the event of an emergency.

NTT Business Solutions will provide the service, which is already in use by over 5,000 companies and local governments due to its user-friendly interface and high security.

Key features of the service include:

  1. Bidirectional information exchange: Users can send messages to those who posted information through elgana by clicking on their username, enabling two-way communication between headquarters staff and the field personnel.
  2. Closed environment for notifications and chat functions: Crisis information obtained from Spectee Pro can be shared internally using elgana’s chat function, preventing missed information and facilitating efficient coordination within the organization.
  3. Centralized crisis information management: Disaster information from Spectee Pro and reliable information shared by personnel using elgana can be displayed together on the map, allowing real-time monitoring of constantly updated crisis information.

The service will be available starting April 20, 2023, with prices varying depending on the type of local government and the number of IDs provided.

Spectee and NTT Business Solutions plan to contribute to regional disaster prevention measures by promoting digital transformation in disaster response and developing new services and features. By expanding the service to local governments considering regional disaster prevention measures, the companies aim to contribute to the overall advancement of disaster prevention and mitigation efforts throughout society.

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