Expert Columnist David Willoughby

Expert Column:
Education in Japan

David Willoughby

David Willoughby hosts the Expert Column dedicated to Japanese Education at Japan Industry News

David Willoughby has more than a decade of experience in the education sector in Japan.

A former lecturer at Nihon University, he then served as Japan country director for SI-UK Education Council, an international student recruitment agency.

He also founded Workers University Tokyo, a social learning movement that brings together skilled professionals from various industries.

Mr. Willoughby believes that foreign companies doing business in Japan can benefit from an understanding of the education system and its impact on the selection and needs of local employees.

There are also several unique features of Japanese higher education and its relationship with industry, which he writes about for us here.

Mr. Willoughby received his degree in journalism from the University of Sunderland which has historically close ties with Japan as the location of Nissan Motor Company’s European HQ.

He was able to benefit from his university’s excellent Japanese language programme and he continues to be passionate about language learning and his adopted home of Japan.

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