Ulf Dressler

Ulf Dressler

PR in Japan-Ulf Dressler

Ulf Dressler is CEO of Bonuterra Inc., the operating company of Japan Industry News.

After taking an MBA from University of Cologne in Germany, Ulf Dressler studied Japanese for one year in Tokyo. He then joined the Japanese subsidiary of German specialty chemicals company LANXESS in corporate development and communications.

In his decade at LANXESS, he took over responsibilities as head of corporate communications in Japan as well as head of marketing communications Asia-Pacific out of Shanghai, China.

Mr. Dressler founded Bonuterra to build the Japan Industry News Network, a concept born out of conversations with Japanese industry media journalists.

The Network is geared toward helping industrial press to internationalize while at the same time getting their news to international business people—many of whom currently do not feel sufficiently informed about this important market.

Mr. Dressler also represents IDA Group in Japan and is a member of IDA’s Advisory Counsil. He advises foreign companies active in Japan’s industrial sectors in the areas of market access, marketing and communications strategy development, tactical planning, and executive communications counsel.

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