Japan Tax Reform 2016 - World Gets Smaller

Japan Tax Reform 2016

In December 2015, the Japanese Government made two major announcements: The Japan Tax Reform 2016 and the signing of a revised tax treaty with Germany. What are the drivers behind the reform and the treaty revision and what impact will they have on doing business in Japan? Fiscal policies of the Japanese Government aim at growth and bringing forward Japanese […]

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Avoiding Work-Related Accidents - Sparks Flying

Toward Fewer Work-Related Accidents: Japanese Regulations

By Hiroyuki Arie, General Manager, Business Stream Systems at TÜV Rheinland Japan   The year 2016 started with a number of news items that remind us of the importance of safety and quality management. From the tour bus incident and repeated food scandals we learned that we should always use a process approach to ensure safety and quality and limit […]

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Problem Avoidance Environment - Service Man

Why Creating a Problem Avoidance Environment Matters

What makes you feel good about using a specific device, tool, or machine? Its functionality, of course. But besides, you’ll be glad if you never experience malfunctions or break downs. In which case you may recommend the product or buy more of the same manufacturer without pondering too much about alternatives. Malfunction however is only a question of probability. There […]

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Employ People in Japan - Business Meeting

How to Employ People in Japan — a Legal Perspective

Many people in Japan call life-time employment, seniority-based employment and company unions the Three Sacred Treasures of Japanese-style management. But in reality, these treasures have increasingly become things of the past. Companies now adopt various patterns to employ people in Japan. Statistics of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) show that while the share of limited-term employees was […]

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PR in Japan-Industrial Press

PR in Japan: Targeting the Right Newspapers

Japan is different. Yes, we have all heard this sentence before. And for many of us, make that too often before. Yet when it comes to public relations, a smartly localized approach can produce superior results—especially in Japan. The reason is—you’ve seen it coming—that the market has quite a few peculiarities. Interestingly enough, many international companies don’t localize smartly and […]

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Business men figurines

What Shadow Hierarchies Mean for Foreign Companies and Expatriates in Japan

This phenomenon exists not only since 2011, when many foreign expatriates in Japan have left the country all of sudden because of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Yes, the event caused a leadership vacuum in some organizations many did not recover from until today. But its origins nevertheless are older and also truly local due to the group-oriented socialization of […]

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IoT - Ind40 - Smart Factory

Safety Measures for the Industrial Workplace – Present and Future

By Yoshihiro Sugita, General Manager, Industrial Service at TÜV Rheinland Japan   Industrial accidents in Japan According to recent statistics by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the number of industrial accident fatalities is decreasing constantly, except for the extraordinary rise in 2011 because of the Great Kanto Earthquake and the following nuclear power plant accident. The number reported […]

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Young Japanese Lady

What Are Japanese Universities For?

Keidanren climbdown is just the latest clash of swords in the battle for Japanese universities Who owns Japanese universities? And what are they for anyway? Ministry of Education bureaucrats might answer crisply that universities are public and private corporations afforded special status for their role in cultivating young minds. Established for the common good, every Japanese university large and small—and […]

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Japanese Visa

Market Entry and Incorporating in Japan

Japan’s declining population is expected to lead to slower market growth. One measure by the Japanese government to counter this development is trying to attract more investment from overseas. In fact, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) aims to double foreign direct investment (FDI) stocks to up to 35 billion yen by 2020. Reasons to enter Japan One […]

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Servitization of Products

Profitable Services Through Servitization of Products

Japanese service is known for its superior quality all over the world. Visitors experience this already when they arrive at a Japanese airport and need public transportation. Service staff is very friendly and guides non-Japanese speaking foreigners toward their destination. Restaurants provide menus with pictures of dishes and drinks often even for Japanese guests. Shops commonly offer to ship purchased […]

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Japanese Monozukuri

The Japanese Way: Creative Conservation, Not Destruction

Japan fascinates with its coexistence of old, sometimes archaic companies and extremely modern high-tech. It is the result of a deliberate attempt to defy Schumpeter’s theory of destruction and creation – so far with success. Japan has a reputation of being one of the innovation and high-tech power houses of the world. It certainly deserves this image well. Hybrid cars, […]

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Toyota Coms in EMC laboratory

Electric Cars: The Role of Standards in Japan and Abroad

by Kazushi Arima, General Manager, Mobility at TÜV Rheinland Japan   Research on electric cars In 2011, TÜV Rheinland organized a global opinion survey about electric cars. The result showed that people are generally positive in their acceptance of and expectations toward so-called e-mobility. More than half of the people surveyed in 10 out of the 12 countries studied expressed […]

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Japanese Education: Elementary School Boy

Japanese Education: What Foreign Firms Should Know

An Overview Education in Japan is not exactly showered with praise by foreign media. There are regular reports of falling academic standards, poor foreign language skills or universities that fail to rise to the global challenge. Yet education is one of Japan’s great success stories, resulting in a competitive, merit-based society with high literacy and technological achievement. The widely-cited OECD […]

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Renewable energy

Energy Storage Summit Japan: Toward the Future

Energy storage may not sound particularly sexy, but it is one of the topics that is shaping the future of mankind. Because for a sustainable future, renewable energy is essential. But compared to fossil-based power generation, energy from renewable sources cannot be produced as steadily. The sun shines, or it does not. Wind blows, or it does not. This in […]

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