Cabinet Approves the FY 2018 Annual Report on Energy (Japan’s Energy White Paper 2019)

The Annual Report on Energy (also known as the “Energy White Paper”) overviews the measures on energy that the Government of Japan conducted in the previous fiscal year, which is submitted to the Diet pursuant to Article 11 of the Basic Act on Energy Policy (Act No. 71 of 2002).
On June 7, 2018, the Cabinet approved the Energy White Paper 2019, and the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE) hereby publicizes the details.

Outline of the Energy White Paper 2019

Each year, the Energy White Paper describes the energy trends and the status of measures taken for energy supply and demand for the previous fiscal year. In addition to this, this year’s paper introduces the following.

(1) Progress in Fukushima’s Reconstruction

  • Situations such as evacuation instruction cancellation at off-site
  • Situation of contaminated water countermeasures (reduction of radioactive material concentration in the surrounding sea area)
  • Progress of decommissioning (inside survey of Unit 2 and fuel removal from Unit 3), etc.

(2) Global warming countermeasures and energy policy based on the Paris Agreement

  • Greenhouse gas reduction targets in major countries and their efforts and progress
  • Comparison and analysis of per capita CO2 emissions in OECD countries
  • Analysis of renewable energy ratio and demand scale, Efforts to make renewable energy main power source, etc.

(3) Efforts to cope with recent disasters and strengthen resilience

  • Summary of major disasters that occurred in 2018
  • Urgent inspection of critical infrastructure and progress of measures based on this

In addition, the White Paper 2019 also describes the trends in energy supply and demand and the outline of FY2018 energy measures that Japan achieved.


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